Actor Peter O’Toole Preparation System

Extraordinary Actor Peter O’Toole reveals in this interview how he prepared for the role of Pope Paul III, in The Tudors:

“Well, I’ll read the whole thing, then I’ll lock myself into my study.

And it’s the oldest system…

This is generations, centuries of practical, professional application.

This is professional practice, which has been done and proven to work for centuries.

You lock yourself in your study without auditor and then unobserved, uninhibited, private study.

The memorizing of the lines.

The looking for the colours and meaning and senses in the lines.

Because you only take it a little part at a time.

A little part at a time.

But you’ve got to get it as soon as you can so the whole appears.

And that’s what you do, and you sweat.

And that is what I get paid for, the study.

I mean, the acting I do for nothing.”




“There’s an old saying in the theatre that if you want to know who’s gonna be a leading man or a leading lady, see if she or he can wear a crown, and very few people can.”




From Peter O’Toole Interview at “To Play a Pope Featurette” – part of the Special Features of The Tudors Second Season DVD, highly recommended to watch all The Tudors series, and also all the highly educative for actors and filmmakers Special Features from all the extraordinary 4 seasons.



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